Just One of them Days at the Bus Stop.

Did this picture like two minutes ago just wanted to pose something casual. And give some things some time to hopefully progress a bit, before I return to my other ‘agenda’.

Plus, I have a project due next week-ish so I better get started on that. Don’t have any fitting music to jazz up the picture unfortunately but whatever.


I just remembered I have to work on one of my comics soon-ish D:

Fucking. Awesome.

Ouch, a dumb.

Thanks BigBoom.

Some originality you got there.

The black guy has a gun…


mustache kleiner is like “Dat ass”
Awesome pic :smiley:

Guy looking at the striped jacket. Wtf is that?

Nice pic. Really like it.

Kleiner looks like a fucking pedo.

Thanks everyone.

I forget why exactly I gave the black dude a gun. :confused: Wasn’t because of race I can tell you that.

Oh you naive raters. :confused:

I was here. (but you may not even have noticed it)
Good job, looks neat.

Make that two… lol just kidding, you got artsy from me

In the words of James Brown:Git down!

Lacks of something in the center of the picture, but it’s all good.

Feels a bit “comic quality”.

I think Kleiner’s about to get shot

“Hold up, man. Gotta kill some creepy fellow.”

“looks like a pedo”

it’s really good.

I want the guy in the vest and gloves so badly…damn you Dean(I think) for not publicly releasing!!!:argh:

Love Mustached Kleiner

Indidly. Thanks all.