Just out of reach!


Heavy - “Sandvich, you and me vill go places!”

They sure will go places with their floating abilities. I don’t get the joke, but the faceposing and body language actually go what with the heavy is saying, I’ll give you that. You should turn up your graphics but I think you’ve already been told that. Also, I’m not sure if you know this but you could zoom in with the camera by holding right click and moving your mouse forward, I didn’t figure this out for a while when I began posing.

spy disguises as sandvich and can’t escape from heavies hands or gets eaten. this was done several times before.

What spy?

(Also the spy is reaching for the intel)


I knew about the zoom, their feet are flat on the ground, and the spy is reaching for the intel. The joke is that the spy has a horrible choice in disquises. I was gonna have a Medic head, but I thought, I’m hungry for a sandwich.

Needs AA.

Graphics aren’t great, but your fingerposing is fantastic.

This doesn’t need a thread.

Ah, that, I shall turn up. For next time.