Just Passin' Through

didn’t come out like i hoped, i wish my lamps worked and citizens had normals so i could stop being terribly heavy-handed and inconsistent with lighting and cloth shading

e/ oh here’s the original i guess.

As I said on steam, this is just amazing.

This is amazing. But everything just looks odd.

And the girl in the front does not look like she belongs with that art style.


The shading on the asian man’s face is a bit too much, but nice picture!

I really love your hair edits.

Though something about her face seems a bit… compressed.

The pistol seems so saturated.
It sticks out quite a lot.

This is so very well done, but much of the editing looks out of place on these people. How’d you turn Zooey Deschanel into a rebel?

I thought she was Katy Perry.

It looks like you went a little hog wild with the burn tool.

2nd Amendment anyone ?

the magic of photoshop

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yeah, it’s a bad habit but my lamps don’t work so no fancy lighting for me :frowning:

Lamps don’t work? Why is that? Graphics card problem?

Doubtful. They haven’t worked for several years and across at least two completely different cards. I probably broke some file somewhere and don’t know which it is to replace it, so welp.

i thought it was maggie gyllenhaal

Posing is pretty awkward on most of them. And you should go easy on the sharpen.

Yeah, my posing has gone to shit lately