Just recommendations

Hi all,

I’m a new player, since i bought the game last saturday. I’ve played lots of beta and alpha games and early access, so i consider i know what im doing. I think the development on this game is very active and fast. I like the game so much and i just cant wait the game is finished, because it will be amazing. Once i’ve said that, is my obligation to cooperate by writting what i see in the game, things to fix, etc. I dont know if this is the forum location to write this sort of things so, it is other, please move the post. Sorry for my mediocre English, im a spanish player.

Well, yesterday i was building my brand new wood gateway and wood gate. Maybe this is a minor problem but i think it is easy to fix. I find SO annoying to open and close the wood gate. It is easy to open/close metal/wood doors, but with the Gate I have to look for the specific point on the gate to press “E”. Is just that stupid thing. Maybe the first part of the post is my community presentation!

Thank you all! Yoy are doing a incredible game!