"Just relax. Everything is going to be okay"


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Didn’t spend much time on this, but i’m pretty pleased with the result.

Very nice! I wish we could see more of the wounded / shellshocked guy though.

the angle is off, like there’s extra space on the right. i would’ve placed the crouching dude in the center.

For me it looks like the guy Crouched down calming the Frightened dude, It doesnt look like he touching him. looks like he’s to the left of the frightened dude :confused:

I used the rule of thirds, no way in hell i’d pose him in the middle just to cover such a small space.

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He is touching his shoulder tho.

then you used it wrong, because my eyes are drifting all over the scene

The rule of thirds is not used to highlight things. Its used to create a more aesthetically pleasing result. The fact that your eyes are drifting all over the scene means that the background is as interesting as as the subject in the picture and not empty space.

a small scene like this without any actual focus is not aesthetically pleasing, it’s aesthetically distracting.

and that’s not necessarily a good thing. the two guys are supposed to be the focus of the scene - if the title is anything to go by anyway - but my eyes keep drifting to the right, meaning away from the main subject.

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what the fuck is your problem Butthurter???

rule of thirds: the left is entirely composed of the foreground elements and the right is entirely of the background

there are so many things bad about the pic but the composition itself is not one of them

I’m really confused as to what you want me to do here. You think that I’m supposed to highlight the 2 dudes on the left? Because that was def not my aim in this picture and if i zoomed in the composition would get fucked. A proper critique would be criticizing the shitty posing on the 2 dudes on the left or the shitty SFM AO not personal preferances lmao

the rule of thirds has no application here because the two main subjects are not positioned at the left third but at the left half, their center being on the left fourth

From the wikipedia article.

This is literally what i’m doing.


You do want the left one.

I think that the composition is good but the person on the left should not be cut off. What sticks out to me is their posing. The far left dude looks like he’s just dead and the guy who is supposed to be comforting him looks like he barely wants to touch him.

guy on the left is literally making a sadface :frowning: its so sad

the feels ;(

Did you just come to this thread to shitpost?

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Ye, i should have given more attention to that.

No, I really love your work - you did an awesome job!

wow thanks man i really tried to make this particular picture to your liking!!!

awww thanks!

I feel so appreciated :slight_smile: