" Just shut up and keep shooting! "

“Oh! Shit! What is it!! Help me”
“I hold Rochelle.Your shoot that zombie!”

“Where are you shooting kid?”
“What? You don’t see? I’m shooting zombie exactly”
“Hey guys! Just shut up and kill them!”

Oh God, this is gonna be another thread about Rochelle, isn’t it?

Afraid so, do you have the barricade set up?

no, there is just map

Fuck yes eat that annoying ugly ass bitch!

No you.

absolutely they are panic now.

Oh my god.
Attack of the mega pixel shadows.

You shot that zombie exactly.

Nicks left arm im pretty sure would be doing somthin else rather than just all limp.

The Nick and Ellis arm blur is kind of miss placed, and they both need to work on their aims. Rochelle’s eyes are white.