Just some beginner questions..

Sup, Forum!

I’m pretty new to Gmod and I would like to know some stuff real quick…

  1. If I download some content like weapons, tools, models, ragdolls and so on… and I have a friend join my game, will he then just see my new content as these big ERROR models or will he auto-download my new content?

  2. Can I save my progress when I’m playing with friends? We want to build some big stuff and we don’t want to start over every damn day :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. Would someone from britain/germany/austria be so kind as to teach me some Gmod stuff? Why britain/germany/austria? I live in Austria and if it would be someone from America, the time zones would be too far away and we would both have to up at strange times… I won’t type what I want to learn here, since it’s waaay too much to write down ^^

  1. He will need the files himself, if it’s on your own server you can set it up to upload the stuff to him, but without FastDL it’ll be pretty slow, i reccomend you .rar all your shit and put it in dropbox and send a link.

  2. install adv. dupe to save buildings.

  3. I’m american so I’m just gonna go grill a hogey while shooting a shotgun out back

  1. Workshop downloads the rest, but for the rest your on your own.
    2 Use the dupe thing in the q menu, get the Duplicator, copy it, and then go to the dupes tab, and save dupes.

  2. Want some tea with that?

PM me your steam profile, I’ll add you and show you around if you’re ever on when I’m on.