Just some ideas from a noob.

Hi, First off I would like to say I’ve not played this game. I have seen some youtube videos and it looks like there’s great potential. I understand that it’s still in the very early stages of development so nothing is final yet and there’s still much to do. One thing that seem little off to me so far though is the tech progression. I see in episode 1 the youtuber is hacking trees with a rock to get wood and building a stone hatchet. Then in episode 2 he has a pistol, episode 3 a sniper rifle with a scope etc… like wtf?

I think there should be a much slower progression and getting weapons like these should require huge amounts of resources to build facilities to create them. Far more than 1 person can collect in any reasonable time frame. There are so many basic weapons such as throwing spears, blow darts, bows and all manner of melee weapons that should come way before all this stuff imo. This would also give people a big reason to work together. Towns could be created by players where weapons, vehicles resources etc are sold. Perhaps an in game currency(bottlecaps or something similar) and/or simply a bartering system. Maybe people who own the town would only grant access to outsiders for a fee(maybe just some wood, stone, metal, or currency) which would give access to the town for a limited time or for a larger fee they could allow people to join the town. Perhaps you could get employment as a mercenary or a townguard/bodyguard, blacksmith, merchant etc etc. You could harvest resources and sell them in the town by creating a stall in a designated marketplace, or even rent/buy a shop.

Towns with advanced facilities could be attacked by rival groups of hairy, spear throwing axe wielders in order to loot some of the precious goods within and maybe accelerate their own technological progression by doing so.

So that’s just some ideas of what I personally think would make the game really great.

Thanks for reading.

All you have to do to go from a rock to an M4 is bash someone’s brains in.

The game isn’t too much about building at the moment. You can be a survivor/tower defense kind of guy or a sociopath.

There is no way to build an base that cannot be raided, and having a big one just makes you a target.

Yes of course. But it’s not so easy to bash someone’s brains in when they have a fully automatic weapon when you have a rock or a spear. Also weapons could degrade with use and need repair kits to make them function reliably again.

Of course, that’s why people will be needed to help defend the town from raids. More reason for people to want to create larger groups.

I swear you are just copying what they have already said that they will add…longer time to get everything,weapons degrading and more early game weapons are all going to be added and repariing weapons might even be in the next update.

My, you have a low opinion of strangers. Who touched you?

ofc I’m not just copying what they have already said. Why on earth would I do that?

Calm down nerd. He’s just saying that these things are already in the books, so you don’t need to be concerned.

haha you his bunk buddy? grow up kiddo.

All of this is going to be added. Thanks for your opinion though

No, it’s just that my reading comprehension level is above that of a third grader.

How can I take this any other way?

But w/e, didn’t come here to argue about nothing with strangers.

Where can I read about things they plan to implement in the future, anyone?

That seems like a question that would be asked frequently.

Nothing in the FAQ regarding that that I can see. I found something though on another forum. But if there’s a place such as a blog regarding future content someone can link that would be great.