Just some ideas I had...

These are Just some concepts / ideas I have had over the week or so I’ve been playing. Obviously nothing official, just some ideas I’ve been rolling around my head…

**[BUILDINGS] **I’ve been playing this game more and more. But it’s such a pain in the ass when I log on each day to find out someone has built either shit in front of my door or different things around my building, making it either inaccessible or giving them the ability to sit inside it while they hack my doors down. What would be some good ways to stop / prevent this from happening? I’m not sure if it should be completely impossible to do because I think it adds some things to strategy but I’m not sure.

LANTERNS Instead of relying on my furnace and campfires to light up my house, I think it would be great if we could build lanterns that could be picked up and moved (Like the sleeping bags). When you pick it up though, it goes in your hand like the torch. It would use the low grade fuel for fuel since nothing else (I believe) uses it at the moment. And it would take maybe 20-30 metal fragments, 5 low grade fuel and 10 cloth to make it. (Metal for the casing, cloth for the wick and low grade fuel for the fuel. You’d have to keep replacing the low grade fuel for it to burn, but 1 low grade fuel would burn for 5 minutes or so. You could also place it ON buildings. (It would attach to walls or on top of walls, etc.)

TRAPS / DEFENSES I think it would be great if we could put booby traps around our houses. Of course, for this to be effective there will have to be a party / clan system in place first to prevent your buddies from walking into your traps. A trap idea I had would be a spike pit you could place on the ground that injures you if you step on it. Made solely out of wood. About the size of the campfire when you place it.

What kind of cool ideas do you have?

Cool ideas!
I would choose a Rank Indicator, to indicate whether a guy is a bandit if he kills a set amount of players etc

And of course a crosshair(maybe) so that it’s possible to see people quite a little bit further away

Buildings - Perhaps have a radius around a built area so no other players except you can build within distance from your structures (same idea for wood piles, etc.)

Idea of preventing buildings, is just not “acceptable” since you need the freedom of doing as you please and construct your base as you want. It is p (in my opinion ofc)

Idea of lantern is good, totally do-able and useful.

And regarding traps, I remember reading in facepunchstudios website that they have the same idea about it so I am pretty sure that they will add that stuff in the future.


So wait. Bandits in reality dress all the same in public so that law enforces know that they break the law?
Do buildings in reality have a “MAGIKAL” radius that prevents you from placing a wooden wall near them?

People always whine that they want a realistic game to play but then whine cause it is too realistic and use the excuse ( It’s not RL, It’s a game, u fgt!!! )

The game is in FUKEN-EARLY-ALPHA

Things that won’t be nice will be changed.
Things that are nice will stay.


a cool idea would be snare traps, and bear claws, and mayb so u can also use to hunt with it, so the snare trap and bear claw will actually kill a bear or something like that :slight_smile:

Are you 12? Mom wanted me to tell you not to forget your ritalin. No need to be all… 12 on everyone.

Actually. I’m 5. Nice to meet you. But we are getting a bit off topic.

Regarding the following:

Buildings: There is already a feature in-game to prevent people from building outside your door. It’s called a foundation, and you place it and a pillar in the middle of the foundation to prevent one from building on top of it.

Lanterns: Like it, mentioned before, just needs to be prioritized I’m sure.

Traps & Defenses: All for it.