Just some ideas to help rp (possibly inspire new rp mod/map)

So instead of complaining at how rp nowadays sucks I decided to start a discussion to come up wtih some ideas to improve it. Well I talked to my friend one time and we came up with a bunch of ideas to either make a new rp mod or just improve darkrp. Here’s some of them plus some of my own:

Improving DarkRP:

  1. (CHANGED) Allow the Mob boss to sell one lock pick at time.
    Reason: To allow his minions to lock pick while the mob boss can stay in the shadows like a real mobboss. But the mobboss may only sell ONE lockpick to ONE gangster. Once that lock pick is lost then another ONE may be sold.

  2. Give CPs and Mayor a radio with 5-10 channels.
    Reason: To allow communication between. The reason for channels go to next Idea.

  3. Give gangsters and mob boss a radio with 5-10 channels.
    Reason: To allow the mob/gang to talk with each other also so that the mob/gang cannot interupt with the cps radio. Now why for so many channels… so that the gangsters can get into the cps radio and listen in to see if anything is going on. For now this is the only way i can find out how the mob/gang can “hack” into the cps radio.

  4. Get rid of spawn-able drugs.
    Reason: There’s no point to em and they just result in spam and spam results in lag and lag results into server crash.

  5. Add Hunger Mod
    Reason: Still working on this. Trying to make the cook useful.

  6. Allow Gangsters to change models to citizen models.
    Reason: How many times do you see a gangster just walk down the street and nobody do anything about it? So gangsters should be allowed to change there models to a citizen model to lay low and hide amongst everyone else. Example: Gangster walks into gun store. Gun store Owner says,“Get out of here I’m not selling anything to you… COPS! COPS!” Cops come in and arrest him which turns into random arrest then that gangster votes for a demotion toward that cop. The cop gerts demoted then there’s a dm fest between the two. I’ve seen this happen so don’t tell me that this doesn’t happen. Also the gangster may change his name while in his disguise without anyone knowing other than the mob boss and other gangsters and this name only appears in chat and not in the TAB menu.

  7. (This depends on the Mayor) Mayor is allowed to give/sell weapon detectors to cps.
    Reason: If the Mayor places a Law that restricts certain weapons so that only pistols and knives may be used (I’ve done this) then we would like to know if the person is following or disobeying this law now won’t we. A window could pop up (similar to the demotion and vote window) that shows all the items/weapons that the person is carrying then an OK button under the text. You press OK then the window closes. I guess we can have the detectors work in certain places only but that would require a new map. The full detection takes about 30sec to finish and the person can not move or change weapons during this time. I do smell some abuse coming out of this so I guess that the cop can use this to prevent someone from running then arrest them imediatly so how bout the person can move for 5 seconds into the detection time but cannot change weapons?

  8. Give Handcuffs to CPs. When placed on a person the person will not be able to switch weapons and may only carry keys. The Person will walk slower and runs slower as well. CPs are also able to push the player as well.
    Reason: To force someone to go to a certain place after they are jailed. Example: Someone has done a horrible crime in a used to be peaceful city called Oviscity. This man has been convicted of murder trespassing and theft and deserves to be publicly executed according to the mayor’s law. The person is then handcuffed sent to the middle of town and is placed on a stage he is then executed by a CP. Or In hometown the man is sent to the electric chair.

  9. When someone dies allow the rag-doll to stay there for another 2 minute or so and the person spawns whether he wants to or not 5 seconds after the death?
    Reason to allow investigations and proof that someone has died. The killer then “owns” The rag-doll so he is allowed to move/hide it.

  10. Allow the Mob boss to sell/give disguisers to his minions (can’t think of anything else for now). This allows the owner of this device to disguise as someone that he has killed while still keeping his name and he may change his name while in his disguise without anyone knowing and this name only appears in chat and not in the TAB menu.

  11. As you can see most of these ideas can be ruined by the fact that there are colors to the names of people depending on the class that they are so how bout when you press tab everyone’s name is gray or something BUT when you speak the colors are different depending on the class that you appear to be. For instance a disguised gangster who appears to be a citizen will have his name be green but when he goes back to gangster his name will be gray when he speaks.

  12. Get rid of ability to commit suicide. Unless you jump off a bridge or a building.
    Reason: How many times do you walk down the street and see someone randomly die? This is not only a cheater’s way of getting unarrested but also a cheater’s way of ruining rp and getting out of a bad situation and starting this whole rant about NLR.

Still more coming soon.

7/28/09 Got rid of thief and mob boss with out lock pick but allowed mob boss to sell lock pick or give lock pick to someone else. Added reasons 6, 7, 8, 9,10, 11, and 12.

These are just basic DarkRP 2.3.7 edits.

…or rid of DarkRP.

I don’t think a class is needed for thieves. I would rather see the Mob Boss be able to sell lock picks to people who want to be thieves/his minions.

Why was I rated dumb, it’s clearly true. Probably from the OP himself.

How to help RP: Stop RPing in GMod. RP on Gmod is a parody of RP pretty much everywhere else.

I dont understand why people hate gmod rp, any rp is fun as long as you have an imagination. Although any RT rp is fun imo (Can’t stand that forum based stuff).

Doesn’t sound good to me, as everybody here says, it could be coded into a darkRP edit. Just thinking on how to improve DarkRP won’t make any revolutionary ideas, instead, focus on improving RP in general.


It’s long, but it explains why GMod RP != RP.

RP in Gmod is still RP, even if it’s terrible for character/story development.

I really agree with your sixth point. I’ve seen actual roleplay even on DarkRP servers, but when the administrators show up, things tend to go downhill.

The items do something, just they rely on people willing to RP that they need/want those items to be really useful. Health kits still heal, and food makes people less hungry, even if there are no consequences for not using them.

alright alright I did not do that… I’m not that stupid and I don’t just say people are dumb for disagreeing with my ideas… who ever did that though is dumb himself.

I like this Idea as well… but as long as the mobboss doesn’t use it… He can use it himself if he wants to but it won’t be real RP, because a true mobboss stays in the shadows and orders people to do things.
But I think that the mobboss selling lockpicks isn’t good but how bout him selling a lockpick. Only one lockpick until that lockpick is lost? If he would sellit to everyone then that would ruin a lot of stuff.

And just like I said… I’m not done with it… Yes i’m thinking of ways to improve/edit DarkRP FOR NOW. I will come up with some ideas for possibly a new rp mod. So please give mt time this may take a few days. I stopped typing this cause it was 1:00 in the morning and I got tired. So please give me some time.

Got rid of thieves and replace it with mobboss selling lockpick. added reasons 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.

Sounds fair for the most part, but the problem I see is with the lockpick-selling. If you have ever been on Darkland RP, you know exactly what I am talking about. The problem is that when you hand out lockpicks like party-favors, then we see a massive outbreak of people randomly running around “raiding” homes. You couldn’t own an apartment for more than a few minutes without some young punk breaking and entering, taking your money-printers and drug labs, and stealing everything that isn’t welded to the floor.

And I like the concept of War of the Servers actually happening doesn’t mean either will ever officially happen.

His idea actually isnt bad.

I’m not saying that you can give lockpicks out just randomly and give it to everyone you see… you can only give ONE to a gangster. and once that ONE is lost then you may sell another ONE.

I might as well change this to a HOW TO IMPROVE DARKRP thread.

Your new idea’s are significantly better than the previous ones.

Thanks… the first were just some starters but I don’t take credit to all of them… I also give credit to my friend Dr.zhivago… he came up with some of them. Plus I think the one with the gangsters having a radio and how they can hack into the CP radio was from an older darkland rp server mod.

I remember playing with a Dr. Zhivago on a FAN RP server… He was pretty good with DarkRPing.

ya… he’s awesome… And he’s admin on that server.

You got some nice Ideas out there, I got like 3 papers full of jobs and ideas for DarkRP, it can be a good RP gamemode, it just need editing.