Just Some Thanks

I know everyone gets upset about where things will go or should go, but I just want to give a simple thanks.

Thanks to everyone who has been involved with Rust up to this point. Your game has made my life better and I thank you for your efforts. I appreciate you all.

If you feel like Rust has made your life better, express your gratitude.

It’s an amazing game for sure. The possibilities make it better.

It certainly has a lot of potential.

Nice to see someone saying something positive.

People lack patience nowadays. :slight_smile: I don’t see a problem in people stopping to play the game for a few weeks and then return to the game when content is added to test it.

Alpha is not about playing the game for hours, not even about enjoyment (although that is already possible with rust) but rather about testing out the latest features, giving feedback and then wait until new stuff to test arrives.
I don’t quite get the mentality of the people who currently say they leave the game and open threads to make it look like its an offense.

So again, nice to see someone who actually got something positive out of it =)

I’ve got over 300 hours into this game…I’ve avoided Titanfall…ESO…and a couple other games as well just because I can’t pull myself away from Rust. So if nothing else, thanks for saving me a couple hundred bucks in games :slight_smile: lol

ESO? Epic Space Online?

I recommend it. The only thing wrong with that game is that it needs more players.

ESO also can mean elder scrolls online

Rust saved me from the steam sales, because of that i saved me up enough money to get my private pilot license!

I’m absolutely addicted! Got the game for over a month now and played 340 hours. It’s great as is, and can only get better.

Just don’t start crying when things don’t work out the first couple of hours getting Kos’d en raided is all part of the game. My advice; start of as lonewolf really get to know the game.
Don’t join a group and get full kev + M4 after an hour.
The learning experience is great.
Now after 300+ hours joined a group and the game change in a nice way, where out raiding and stuff pretty cool. But before that it was survival. There really is a lot of different aspects.

Onley thing anoying are the hackers, but I don’t come a cross then often.

Thanks for this game!

Cool Idea hope to see more of it. Thanks for a game - unfinished one but still :slight_smile: