Just something i think needs attention

hi i love playing rust and also enjoy playing on the modded servers atm. After seeing garry’s facepunch program banning many people i was happy. But i haven’t seen a clear answer from garry that state’s that the facepunch will not dectect playing on modded servers as hacking!!! For example you get stuck the admin teleports you does facepunch pick it up as hacking or not? Also for the owners of modded servers that want to have a clean server and run facepunch don’t want the users getting banned for no reason. This was not helped bye garry’s childish way he handled the thread he created to see if any false pos. To claim a system is 100pc no false pos is very wrong. Playing many mmog’s, fps and so forth have seen plenty of false pos ban’s. I my self don’t hack nor am i banned (fyi) but would be very mad if i got banned if i played on a modded server.

Being teleported by a mod will not get you banned. That is handled through server commands which are logged.