"Just to feel alive again..." Man in wheelchair infront of train.


Don’t ask me how he got on the tracks.

He should get out of there…


What are you doing on the tracks, man.

You cant even ride around on the tracks, your wheelchair isnt wide enough.

he’s pretty determined to kill himself

I’m invincible!!



There are some little mistakes, but the pictuere is great.

Good Work.

Witch one should I rate, heart or artistic?

Its not polite/nice or friendly, so im giving it a palette.

I wonder how he got over the rail.

I was more expecting to see him tied to the front of the train going over 500 miles per hour screaming fuck ye.


Good god I love Red Dead Redemption…

Anyway, on topic;

Did he survive? :ohdear:

I love red dead redemption too, hogtie woman and put them on railroads.

I didn’t like how they died though, they just EXPLODE, no blood or ragdolls.

Is it bad to want that…?

Have you tried putting your horse on the raildroads? It’s amazing looking.

I will try that later, good sir.

Don’t derail the thread :frowning:

Sorry. D:


I love the blur.

Thanks, I personally hate it :3

Nah, the depth of field you’ve got going works wonderfully.

Noticed the wheels actually go through the wood of the tracks. :3:

He’s not gonna be feeling alive much longer :v: