Just us searching through the woods


What’s going on with the background?

There Searching. Duhh. Idk what there searching for. i was just baord. so i made this.

If your attitude is that you made it out of boredom, please don’t post.

The chances are he was talking about the top right.

Who’s searching there?

I was talking about the ugly mess in the background.

What ugly mess?

you just went full Simple DoF

never go full Simple DoF

Ok? Hey dude im new to this. its my second pic i’ve made.

Alright well take what you’ve partially learned from this thread and improve upon it, but next time don’t make a new thread, just post in this thread until your pictures improve.

yeah just don’t use Simple DoF because it just looks bad, leaves visible edges like that and shit

what map was this on?

Wow, Thank’s. i just hope i can “FIND” somthing to upgreade my photo’s you know like more Post Processing’s and stuff you know? could you tell or find me osmthing?

lighting is important. if you want to have an impressive-looking daytime scene, pose it in a darker map and then create the lighting with a lamp or several

Learn to properly pose, how to use lamps and look at some pictures for examples how to compose stuff. Other than sDof you don’t need anything besides those to ‘upgrade’ your photos.

More post processing effects? Shit the only things I use for posing are dark maps and lights, colour modification and bloom can be used but only when done well, anything other editing can be done outside of GMod.

And spell, among other things.