Just Vito


SORRY FOR BAD PHOTOSHOP! Just try to ignore the minor flaws!Oh, and sorry for my english!

C&C Please!

“Sorry everything I have to offer you is shit, just ignore it!”

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Posing isn’t too bad.
Shadows are weird as fuck.

"Look it’s raining and the ground isn’t wet."


I feel bad that we make fun of your bad translations and whatnot, you got potential. Just need to nail down the finer points of composition.

Keep practicing, you improve every time. You might want to stop making a threads though, just because you make like 3 a day hahaha. Consider posting some here instead? http://facepunch.com/threads/1160404

I think you just made more pic threads than I did.

no sugar or artificial preservatives

just vito

I found it kinda neat… Nice concept and choice of song, actually got me in some mood.
You are improving, keep working on it! I want to see moar

By Giorgio Armani

With Musical Guests, The B-52’s!