Just what is this?

Ok, i downloaded some models from Garry’s mod, and i put them in as instructed. But when i tried to spawn them in game, this shows up.

And the crazy thing is, the model is there, but it’s invisable.
I put everything where they should go. What’s wrong?

the read me told you to put them in the wrong spot. or the model is corrupt. it cant find it

Ok. That’s kinda helpful.
Now my question is, what if it didnt come with a readme and i just put the corrosponding folders together? Did that cause it?

Download xvi32 hex editor and put *.mdl file there. In one of the first lines you can find the right place for the model files.

Your materials folder is in the wrong spot. “Put the corresponding folders together” makes me think you combined your models and materials folder, which you shouldn’t do. Keeping them separate, just drop them in to your base gmod folder and look for them under browse if it doesn’t come with a spawnlist. It will ask if you want to overwrite anything, to which you say yes.

No No, i ment that i put the Materials folder from the download and the matarials folder from Gmod together. I hope that clears up the confusion.

Well, i combed through the files agian, and i sorta got it fixed. Cept when i spawn it, it’s all broken textured.
Should be a simple problem that a lot of you know. How do i fix this?

It’s just a simple texture problem, but maybe ya’ll know about as much as i do on it.
Or not, i not you. Point is, HALP!

Try my variant out. It’s not that hard.

Do i google it, or do have the link on ya?
I’ll try google first, and edit if it worked.
EDIT: Well, i have it, but i have no idea how to work it. ._.

Put the link in this post. Either your installing it wrong or the creator didn’t make the paths go to the correct place in the VMT files.

The model in question?

And i beleive it’s becuase of improperly named files. The Materials folder doesnt specify where to put it when i look in it. X_X
and i got the model part to show up, but now she’s all broken textured, like i said earlier. That applies to the NPC, Ragdoll, and player model.

In the QC file, $cdmaterials “BlackRockShooter” which means it should be materials/blackrockshooter.

I just added it into my own gmod folder and it worked fine for me.


Got it! Thanks a hellva lot for savin me from my own stupidity.