Just wondering: Making player models using custom rigged models

So, I know how to animate and such model rig ect ect.
What I don’t know how to do is how to make a player model using my custom rigs and such.
I am yet to find something that’d hint me the right way, so if someone knows how, please, let me know.

Define “custom rigs”

In terms as armatures and such which are not able to use the same animations as the ones in the Source engine.

So you mean a different skeleton, then?

You’d have to re-animate everything yourself or find a way to get that tool in the SDK that’s supposed to transfer animations from a skeleton to another working.

I know what I have to do in regards to having to reanimate it, what I don’t know is how I’m meant to do that in a way Source would ‘read’ and then use.

Things like that


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I’ve put up a few source files from the Gmod player anim sources, a while ago:


So, how would I have my animations stored?
In separate files or within then SMD file, if so;
How would I do that?

I heavily suggest you read the developer wiki

I will.
Google really should show these results up.

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Okay, so from what you linked me I see I need to compile the model with a QC file which refers the animations from SMDs containing the animation on just an armature tree.
I’ve made a mock up model to test this and I will continue testing 'till I get it right…