Justin Bieber

Could Someone Make a Justin Bieber Ragdoll Please

oh my God >:(

you cant be serious man?


There’s a lot of thing that Facepunch generally hates. Furries. Religious nuts. Linux users. Twilight.

All of that pales in comparison for the hate we have for Justin Bieber.

I’m serious, the kid could be brutally raped, tortured to death in the most horrible way, and mailed back to his publisher one organ at a time, and there would be people here wishing they could have seen it.

Trust me, this will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever,


be made.

i want him for the ragdoll slaughter map :<

I know this isn’t going to end well, and I do NOT want to troll, but I AM curious as to why.

If this was ported, I would put his ragdoll over an open fire and eat his insides.

Then I would throw it off a cliff, shoot it, run it over, and then repeat.

What is the source of the ire this forum feels for this person?
What is it exactly that I missed here?

He’s got no talent, he’s a pretentious douchebag, and he looks like a fag, yet he’s still tremendously popular with the “tween girl” demographic. That’s like the unholy alignment of the stars needed for absolute hatred.

Just look at the other celebs we hate:
Uwe Boll: Pretentious and talentless, but unpopular and doesn’t look like a little girl = hatred
Steph Meyer: Asshole, no talent, popular, but sorta-maybe hot = seething hatred
Beiber: Asshole, can’t sing, looks like a bitch, and popular = murderous blind fury

Stop being unprofessional and questioning the origin of what he’s requesting. It’s just a ragdoll. Either do it, or ignore the thread. You don’t need to slam your opinions in here or anywhere.

you kidding me?

This is why i love the firfox add on shaved bieber, cuts out all traces of his name and pictures! =D

Your kidding me right

There are some things that just shouldn’t be ragdolled.

Or even brought into picture

I want to see it. I hate that little freak. Fuck, I wanna do it myself except the raping part.

But uwe boll doesn’t even count as a Celebs section at all, even when he’s horrible enough.


Well it the same as this person asking for the model, for his own reason, which is his own opinions, as to why he like him. :v:

Please someone do it! I wanna shoot him :smiley:

I dunno. I could see someone like das bo schitt rolling with this model for an idiot box skit.

Bieber: Opens his mouth and starts singing


…you guys get the picture.

No, he is left.