So, recently, I’ve released V3 of my scripts, Jynxx’s Scripts.

In this version, I’ve added an improved and dank xray
a load of new commands that really are pretty useless
a better jynxx_menu and a chatbox in there!

In the new chatbox:

You can talk to other users using the following scripts:
Jynxx Scripts
Dark’s Scripts

Most of the versions released should have such feature. Note, you must make a name on it and people with useless names basically
** Get banned. **

Also, people who disrespect in there get banned too.

No DDoS (Ultra, Prime suspect)
No Drama. (No IRL Breakups, Breakdowns, or shit like that. Also, no downs either. That’s a good one)
No Downs. (This isn’t offensive, it just means don’t be a general arse. We don’t care about your new pair of shoes. We care about the game, so play it.)
No Admins, only me and Dark. (We don’t do shit really)

And… that’s about it for the chatbox.

Also, for people using the chatbox in there, there’s also a local chatbox

Not included in jynxx’s sorry.

In my script, there’s now a new jynxx_unload feature where you should be able to unload the script
please don’t abuse this, it might end up crashing your game. It’s pretty stupid to anyways.

If you are looking to delve into the coding, add me on steam:


If you’re looking to use this script freely, on a Propkill server, join the RP Server “A Random Server!”
or when it’s up
PropkillMafia Headquarters.

I do not own either, don’t bother me about it.
If you want to get the script get it here:
I won’t give you the raw code. No. BAD BOY!


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Also, this chatbox thing will be on ShittyScripts soon :stuck_out_tongue:

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sorry :frowning: i play on a potato without a screen…
shitty quality but it’s gonna serve it’s purpose

Who would contact you to learn how to code, you don’t even know how to properly format code.

When did I say I would teach them code? I said I would give them MY version of the code. I don’t care what you think either even if i’m still learning so what? Not my problem if you think I’m a script kiddy who just wants fame. If you want to think that, go ahead. IDRC
Formatting code isn’t very hard.

It’s not a paste, so sorry for bursting your bubble. I can make an xray it’s not hard and I can make an ESP. Printerfinder, he helped me with. Chatspam is from a different script altogether i helped make.

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Just because you’re incapable of understanding english,
It means if you are wanting to look into the coding you can add me so I can send you it

If you go to line 463 in his code you can see where it switches to ServerWatch’s code.

How do you plan on banning people? Based on IP?

I’ll gladly teach you how to code. This isn’t how you do it though.

literally the whole esp
(cache, won’t be available forever) chatspammer
(cached) probably xray

Results: 100% not your code

Holy mother of rekt.

ctrl-c ctrl-v ctrl-f ctrl-r: the script

“B-but in the computer world, nobody ever writes from scratch anyway”


When you destroy a kid so hard, he leaves Facepunch.

This is fucking horrible. If I wanted a script I’ll at least make one with my own code not a rip off of something on the Internet. This is honestly digusting please take this down it sucks. I hate you.

My constructed criticism is 10/10 am I right?

If anyone wants to see this cancer, I’ve done you the honors of grabbing it for you.

This is pure fucking cancer. How the hell he can claim any of this plagiarised and rotten code is his and be proud of it escapes me.

MPGH mentality probably.

What the actual fuck is this?

Think of it like Cancer and AIDS had a baby called Caids which looked like dog shit. This is it.

Remember meepantiscript? The C+P there was 10x worse then this


Results: 200% not your code you C+Ping scum

That was a long time ago, cut it out. The fact that you even made an alt account just to make this post is pathetic.

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You sound hella dumb