K.K. Slider (a.k.a. Totakeke)

I’d like a model of K.K. Slider from Animal Crossing, with the stool he is sitting on being part of the model, and (if possible, it would be amazing) an animation of him strumming his guitar and swaying his head back and forth.

Many thanks if someone can pull this off. :slight_smile:

Please? Someone do this?

You want this for your k.k.slider lua music player thing.


I think hes a trophy in Brawl, so he may get evenually done by luigimario.

(wow this is old)

someone NEEDS to do this.

why do people want crap like that?

I could make a ragdoll, but it’d suck since it’d be from AC:WW. Maybe I’ll try it anyway, just for kicks.

I don’t think you realize how old this thread is. Someone was going around bumping a lot of my threads.