K-ON! characters


~~I request the characters from K-ON! to be ported into gmod, possibly with face and fingerposing. Below are links to the models for each of the five members of K-ON, along with a picture of each model in the program MikuMikUDance. The files are in TGA and PMD. So, somebody please port these!

Ritsu- http://kakomiki.hp.infoseek.co.jp/lw/pmd_ritu.zip
Mugi- http://kakomiki.hp.infoseek.co.jp/lw/pmd_mugi.zip
Mio - http://kakomiki.hp.infoseek.co.jp/lw/pmd_mio.zip
Yui- http://kakomiki.hp.infoseek.co.jp/lw/pmd_yui.zip
Azusa/Azunyan- http://kakomiki.hp.infoseek.co.jp/lw/pmd_azusa.zip

I recently have found the name of this anime and the second girl is lovely <3
If I install them,will they replace something?

This would be awesome :3:
Watching it now also :rolleye:


If someone can just make them standard ragdolls without faceposing and stuff, thats fine too, someone just port em :frowning:

Are they t posed?

I think so. Miku is T-Posed when in the MMD program, and the girls should be too. They aren’t in 3DS format,though.

I honestly think these models could be useful outside of the standard “omg animu” style screenshots and I’m all for them getting a port. As for me, I love taking things out of context, so contrasting characters and themes work great for comedic effect if done correctly. So the idea of these anime chicks running around with Pyramid Head or perhaps Zombies in a more off-kilt style screenshot could be hilarious (rollercoasters, tea parties, or even have them playing poker with cigars all stupid serious could lead to hilarity).

I want em because of the anime being great. Combine the characters with the Guitar Hero pack released recently, and you’ll get some killer poses.

Not to mention during the comics and anime they have crazy “adventures” in their music videos, like fleeing from the army and wanted criminals in a car in the desert,lol.

Anyone up for this? The models are provided already, they just need rigging.

And converting from PMD format, so if anyone has a converter to something more useful post it up as it will make life much easier for anyone wanting to help.

blender has a script to import the pmd data i’ve done it for someone so they can take a crack at this(think its this anyway) however since i don’t know how textures work in blender i ain’t sure if the model’s uv’s are intact when imported into max for example, I would help rigging these but i’m preoccupied with other projects.