K-on Playermodels [Hokago Tea-Cup K-Mod!]

Hi Volt-san,what’s up your mind do latest? but if because knew reasonable something your nobody stoppable limit so finally you have tweaked some rigging hands is great job now and i saw believe possibly so to be fun and ill remind always good posing your stuff here take up for pathing subjects.

How’s gonna you worked least for next Beta ver.0.4b onward to still progress until up yet completing,unstoppable!

KORG 100 Keytar - Mugi chan’s instrumental item (you’ve starting up the port)
you’ll need up some ragdolls did have your worked the add-up openjaw drop & funnels on your FacePosing do developed re-further (isn’t be movement surely yet into open mouthing the jaw so kawaii-spot)
my NPC models doesn’t worked do problem? i need helping to changing do before testing way like this?

3 HTC Moe-student individuals must to go ahead are followed still working progress cant wait for the point!
YUI (with her LesPauls Guitar)
MIO (on her Fender Jazz Bass Guitar)
RITSU (but if that her Yamaha Hipgig drums kit unit are which similar than Guitar Hero Drums unit deserved for GMOD)

THE OTHER K-ON GIRLS For L4D1 Replacements are too Possibly and also GMOD. (Except Azusa had already Zoey’s Replacement by Wheezle)
3 other girls on anybody did something do your understanding be decide going way MMD models to 3DS Max for MDL Compiler (add-up would able playing for L4D1 along Azusa and also GMOD)
Ui (Yui’s sister) {as Louis Replacement}
Nodoka 0–0 {as Bill Replacement}
Jun {as Francis Replacement}

other way else on anime/games outward is Extra the MMD-Port for GMOD over the Sayaka’s blog distribution.

DREAM C CLUB (Amane,Setsu)
GURREN LAGGAN (Yoko Littner)

well,just i had do my stuff deciding make own photoshop will be re-edit skinned for Tsumugi model path like MLP’s Fluttershy style Hokago Tea-Cup with Pink-hair dye from Blond by me, simply way this time…
im of course and i’ve thinking not anyway.^^

remember, get harder this spot anytime while checking updates so chill it.^^

Oh jesus,very nice finger is perfect Tweaking Pose!^^

I’m downloading the models now, I might not be much of a K-ON! fan but I’m downloading these anyway, and I still don’t understand why people hate the anime models.

people on FP just arent big fans of anime, or variety, release some soldier ragdolls and its fine.

Right here’s a small update, or rather, just what’s up:

  • I haven’t done much at all, been overdosing on charlie chanks.
  • Mouth opening won’t really be possible (look good), the guy who ported them over to L4D2 removed the inside of the mouth.
  • Honestly, I’m not sure if I can be arsed in general to do even more rigs for stuff like L4D.
  • Just need to finish the fingers of the other hand and compile the keyboard.
  • I’ll try release 0.4a soon.
  • I promise I’ll lay off the charlie chanks.
  • I may have to take a small break after 0.4a to do some important work.

Thanks for the support.

Expect A Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica model thread

there you goes ill path my own new threading for Anime Models even through something would like?
here goes…:dance:

They already have like almost over twenty different soldier packs online, if they don’t like anime threads why bother flaming? Most people can just ignore the thread and find something else to look at.

hmmm…,it must asked them some way have FP people include fanboys & otaku society along trying do want still Like Anime craze is expect do refuse are those hatred and don’t bored them, but long-live Anime still rocks Nobody hates it anyway…its a cool Anime-Big fans loves me.^^

HEAVY: “Scout is a Pro-Anime Lover FANBOY!!”
SCOUT: Yeah right,its SIGHT! i’d just love my Freaking Moe-girls to diffrent which my mind ain’t bored wuss!



Not sure if anyone has noticed this yet since I don’t want to read the whole thread, but is it possible to make Mugi’s hair hang more rather than overlap her body when she bends her head up?

Funny, I was thinking about that this morning as I lay in bed. It’s just a concept, but I was wondering what would happen if I attatched the mid bone of her hair to one of her spine bones. I have no idea how that’d affect it.

:wink: phew…,im too late way that blockade is gone my opinion so thought back to normal,but volt-san how did you wondering affection can mid-bone on her spine bone just do alright? whatever await you expecting so where is followed along Yui,Mio & Ritsu models this time on the next 0.4a happens??






This contains:
-Azusa Playermodel
-Tsumugi Playermodel
–Azusa Ragdoll
–Tsumugi Ragdoll
–Mustang (Azusa’s guitar)
–Mustang with strap

Includes yukiho-sama’s spawn icons.

Just replace any previous versions by allowing it to overwrite everything.

Known issues:
-Hands not rigged on Azusa (Not possible without re-rigging.)
-No eye posing (No idea how.)
-Faceposing expression scale MUST be set to “1” to work correctly.
-Slight flicker in Azusa’s right eye (I don’t think I can fix this any further).
-Shoulder looks a bit stretched when using stuff like the Phys gun.
-Asses are a bit stretchy, looks weird when they’re crouched (May fix if I can find a better way of rigging it).
-Tsumugi has a backfaced blade of hair that may show up with alot of movement, I cannot fix this.
-Fingers may be a bit dodgy, but I’m too lazy to sit there perfecting them.
-NPCs don’t do anything, except shoot with their arms out.

If anyone spots anything that’s problematic that I may be able to fix/improve, let me know.

Finally. Oh yeah, I kinda made the fingers on Mugi’s left hand look broken when you’re posing them, eheheheh. Other than that, consider it improve. The bone attatching thing didn’t really work that well, so you still get fun clipping hair <3

Might not do another for a bit, just sayin’.

Ima beat the shit outta them.

You say that to all the ladies, don’t you?

Well, maybe the ones i don’t like, like whores, and sluts, etc.

Someones an angry bird.

lol you used the screenshot from my server XD

voltlight,great job with two ragdolls are done. but another three alonging girls to go can you starting progress do anyone? LOL!