There has been an issue on my server for the past few weeks. Googling the issue seems to indicate it has been an issue for some for the past few months but no fix other than a server restart seems to work.

A players FPS will start to drop to around 4-6fps as per the F2, usually near the airfield (UPDATE: to be more accurate, coordinates 0,0, see post below), and they get disconnected with due to “k_EAuthSessionResponseAuthTicketCanceled”. When attempting to rejoin the server, one of two things happens:

  1. The game hangs on “Receiving Data” and can only be closed using task manager.
  2. You load into the game, when you press any button to wake up the game crashes to desktop.

Myself, and other players, have tried the following to fix it:

  1. Restarting steam
  2. Restarting computer
  3. Trying every graphics setting on the launcher
  4. As a preventive measure: maxing every option in the F2 menu (Black Ops 1 had an issue where the GPU wouldn’t be used, maxing everything forced the game to use it resulting in better performance. Figured it was worth a shot)
  5. As a preventive measure: lowering every option in the F2 menu
  6. Reinstalling Rust, both by deleting local content and manually deleting any files left after doing so
  7. Reinstalling EAC, both as a user and as “Run as administrator”

The only way that a player can rejoin is if I restart the server.

If the developers, EAC, or anyone could please look into this that would be most appreciated. Rust is a fantastic game, this issue makes playing quite aggravating.

Before the disconnect reason you would have the “Steam”, in other words it’s an error caused by Steam.
When the Steam Auth server fails to get info from you it will disconnect you… nothing to be done until Steam get it fixed, and judging by how long time this issue been around with Rust and other games alike, one can wonder if there will be any fix at all.

Thank you for the reply. That would make sense as to why we can’t reconnect. Could the Steam auth server be the cause of the lag prior to the disconnect though? I’m clueless when it comes to coding and networking. If that is the case maybe I’ll try to contact steam or make a thread on their end.

I’m bumping this thread rather than make a new one.

That lag at the middle of the map (coordinates 0,0) by the airfield, and the lag we also had on a prior map at 0, 0 but with no airfield at that location, may have something to do with this.


Under the map there appears to be a bunch of random objects. Another server owner found this on his server and posted it on the Oxide forums. He described the exact same conditions as my original post.

Bit of an update. I still can’t figure out what is causing this but the lag seems to of been improved.

However, I was observing the random pile just now, and for a couple seconds saw the red outline of a code lock being placed. When it disappeared I asked if anyone had just placed a code lock and sure enough someone did.