Park - Knife Arena

Terrorists in the city in the last event in the park
again, the event was created. Thereupon, the Anti-Terror
Time to teach the terrorists and terrorists
They decide to duel. the terrorists
accepts this challenge and knife blade
will fight against.

Terrorists and Counter Terrorist knife blade
are snatching at this event …

There is no task on this map.

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Download [http://turbobit.net/n4mmvyoau5ws.html]](http://turbobit.net/n4mmvyoau5ws.html)


Not bad but it could use much more detail and colors.

Illuminating bushes, nice.

Probably enchanted

What’s up with the view port? It looks like it’s being rendered in ortho view or something.

whats up with the glowing plants?

Man, what the heck, fix your lighting, the map is too dark.