Kabewm Gun

The Kabewm gun is an awesome swep for anyone in Garry’s Mod that likes exploding things or hitting people in the face with something that will break into a million pieces.

Primary fires an automatic burst of explosive rounds.

Secondary fires a breen bust (little statue in Breen’s office) When it hits something it breaks into many pieces.

It uses an ar2 world model.


YouTube video and updated pictures coming soon!

So its like a gun that fires props and explosions?

Oh hey! This is very new and original! I have never, ever seen anything exactly like this before!

Yeah i know right? Its the most original swep ever!

You could have taken the time to fix the lua errors.

You could at least make the firing sound ‘KA-BOOOOM,’ then I’d give you some credit.

Like this?

Took me a minute or two to do that.

Yes, exactly like that. SWep’s still mediocre at best, though.

Yeah i know.
Only thing that took any effort at all was to find that sound.