Kagamine Rin and Len

I know there is a Rin floating around, but it would be cool to see a better quality one and have Len as well.


hmmmm…,let me tell something do better with rin kagamine’s ragdolls…


Which one from Rin Playermodel & NPC (For Garrys Mod)


Rin kagamine - MELDOWN Costume (For L4D2 Model only)

I don’t know what you’re trying to say.

I’d love to have a Len model/NPC for GMod. I know a couple others asked the MMD Touhou porters if they could port non Touhou characters but they’re sticking to just Touhou. I also saw a rip of the models Animasa made for I believe Maya or 3D Max, I didn’t bother to download it. I can’t find the website anymore, sorry.



Also, I’d like to see the rest of the Vocaloids in Gmod as well.

I managed to download Rin, but there is a problem with Len, the link you gave works, but after hitting download and taking me to mediafire, it says “file invalid or missing”. If you have already downloaded Len, could you send it to me somehow?

Shoot, no. Sorry, I’ll go look for another website with a Len. You know what I can actually do, if anyone knows how to use Blender I can PMD to blend a Len model I have plus a better Rin and put them up on Media Fire.

I know how to use blender, well kinda, just the basic gist. Anyway I wanna use len and port him to a l4d2 survivor. I’d prefer he come in smd or obj with all textures included. Just give me something that can be at least converted to .smd I managed to rig rin to a l4d2 skeleton and get it to work so i wanna get him as well. He could be hexed to gmod real easily, he’d just use ellis’ physics.

I have a small problem, I need Python 2.6.2. Is there anyone that can find a download for me? Google failed me today.

here, let me know if that was or wasn’t what you were looking for

Thank you, it worked. I’ll figure it out tomorrow, I’m gonna download a new Len model because the one I have can’t be read due to the file’s name.

thats cool, that model came from MikuMiku Dance. but from what ive heard they are hard to port from there. kind to think of it with all the Mikus floating around i dont believe any came from MMD.

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can that be ported over to Garrysmod?
*Edit. dont use drop box to download it. my virus scanner picked somthing up before i downloaded it.

Yes it can, but i might need xenoaisam’s permission to upload it. I’ve already ported it to gmod in my system and it works just fine. use gcfscape to extract it from the vpk. Then use the hex editor XVI32 to hex it. If you wanna hex it into gmod, just drag the .mdl to open it with XVI32 and change the line survivor_producer.mdl to something like survivor_rin.mdl. Keep in mind, you must have .mdl at the end, and if you want the name to be shorter, use spaces to fill in empty spots. Then, rename the file to what you renamed it in the hex editor and along with the attachments like the .phy file. this will make it so she doesn’t replace rochelle in gmod. then plop them materials and models into gmod.

yea im not to good with hexing and stuff. i never tried it. i was hoping someone could upload it.

Gamer, is it okay if I send Len over with a few kinks in him? He still has a blocky polygonal-like structure to him and his eyes are black. I tried what I could, he’s in color too. I just need you to smooth him out and add eyes to him.

sure i guess, just be sure to include textures and everything and get him in .obj format. Also, i’m gonna need his arms in a A pose reather than a T post so he can be used as a player model.

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well i don’t know what to say, but i’m afraid i’ll get in trouble with xenoaisam for uploading without his/her permission, then again hexing something is really simple, it just has a short learning curve. if you need any help doing so you can message me. Or you could try to contact xenoaisam.

Here he is in a .blend file. His Eyes load fine when rendered.

When I exported him into an obj file, his eye textures disappeared. His eyes are the only thing that actually is a texture, the file is a bitmap file on MMD. And when I tried to look for the model and put it in a zip, I can’t find the models. Blender says they’re in the .blend folder but I can’t see them. Any reason why?

that’s unusal, but if his eye textures dissapear, then that doesn’t mean they won’t render in source, I’ll probably be able to fix his eye problem, but just try to see if you can find the models and send them to me. are they gone from your system, or can you not locate them? just try to find them in program files. (blender is not in the x86 one whether you’re 64 bit or not)

I looked in my program files, I didn’t find them. I couldn’t locate them, but on Blender it says they’re there.