Kahn the Konquerer.



Original: http://filesmelt.com/dl/rp_thesacrificebridge_v100141.jpg

turn up the AA, fire is pretty poor… guy running in the background looks stiff, pretty cool overall

And oily man and his hard hammer. :smug:

Pretty nice.

ill show u a hard hammer :wink:

Its at max bro.

Also, i think he looks stiff cause i accidentaly had the same arm and leg going the same direction, should flipped the legs postitions.

still looks jagged… did u do jpeg_quality 100?

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not that has anything to do with the jaggedness, just saying that because the glowing eyes look funky

Yes, and i dont see a spot where it looks jagged.

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Except maybe in the VEEEERY back.

just look at the edges, its prolly the models that are doing that because the fact that theyre all oily and that Kahn’s left hand has a black outline on his fingers/hand

Ah i see it, but you can really only notice it if you’re looking for it.

well thats what im doing :v:

Thread music added.

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Subtitles added.

butler - oh if theres a slight jagged edge on a 4x4 pixel area, your AA is at 0 turn it up

Subtitle instantly made me think of this:


Pretty nice, I guess…


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