Kairi KH Model

Can anyone post a link to the faceposeable kairi model from KH? I’ve been searching for a while now and can only find dead links or the non-faceposeable one.

Also, does anybody know what happened to this one?

when you said
“what happened to this one”
did you mean, why’s her hair black.
Or where is the file?

I was asking if it was released and if there’s a link to it

it really all depends, where’d you get the Image to begin with?

the dark haired version was some old thread and im guessing it wasn’t finished. But i have seen pictures

But i know someone must have a link to this one

I would like one too.

With the more, attractive side

come on, someone’s gotta have it

i want the KH1 one, and for the KH2 one, search medrop. i might be able to direct you to schoolgirl KH2 one.

yeah, i got it. here.

School Girl Kairi

does anyone have the kingdom hearts 1 Kairi from OP?

The Op never made clear where that model was from.