Kairi Schoolgirl Model

It’s actually already been done, but I’ve been searching for another link to it and came up short. I’m hoping to find it again and I’m hoping the model isn’t lost and gone forever. It was the only Kairi model that has face and eye posing. If anyone has it, can upload, or provide another link to it, I’d greatly appreciate it!

was going to link you to my compiled one, but you said it had face posing… I don’t think mine had face posing.

It might. I think the one I used to have was made by you. It could be possible that someone else made it face posable though.

I wouldn’t mind using it, regardless. It would be much better than nothing at all.

But if this doesn’t have face posing, anyone who actually has the face posable version I would also greatly appreciate you still provide the link.

Thanks for the response, though, again, greatly appreciated!

Yours had the following faceposing from what I remembered: “blink” “mouth open” “angry” “sad” And for some reason, and can’t help but think that there’s a 5th one, but I guarantee yours had some faceposing.

Deathwing, post the full picture from your avatar. I like a good Rikku cosplayer.

Well can you link to it? i cant find it anywhere.

I suspect it will be here http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=540255 somewhere as most of MarioKart64n’s models are here (I think).

Also thankyou for getting me to look around there as I noticed something I missed last time that I really wanted :smiley: (even though you didn’t ask me to or anything lol).

oh sorry. the topic opener PM’d me, and I just sent the model to him directly. that’s why I didn’t bother coming back to post the link. but yes that model is on my skydrive, that page silver links to is just a catalog to help visually ID files. unfortunately alot of the picture icons are expiring, so it’s best to search directly on my skydrive.