Kal Winters: Professional Cameraman


His business is serious. :colbert:

That is an attractive camera, where is it from?

Dean’s Misc. Pack

His wink is eternal.

Well, i can’t really say much but it’s just a guy winking with a camera…WIN!

The joke is in ‘View Image’

What? i don’t see nothing.

his mouth should be tilted just a tad bit more and his right eye (you facing him) should be closed a little bit more, i like it thought

I knew when I opened this thread that it’d have something to do with porn, I knew it.

hes recording a porno

He’s Kyno, don’t be too surprised.

But yeah I like the picture alot.

Serious shit…

I respect a man with a big c-…


Yes hello I would like to request what he is filming thank you

Good Day, Mister Townshend. Here was the original angle of what he was filming before Super DOF crashed Garry’s Mod



What th- I used to RP with someone who had the character name Kal Winters… What.

What is this I don’t even-:psyboom: