Kali's Big Fancy AK Pack

It only took 13 months and two failed hard drives, but it’s finally here. This is a pack containing pretty much every AK variant you’ve ever heard of, plus about twenty more that you never knew existed.

Included are 41 AK models with the bodygroups required to create a grand total of 50 variants, as well as 11 scopes and optics, a full family of AK bayonets, rifle grenades, a grenade launcher, suppressors, magazines and ammunition props. There’s even a cleaning kit.


The models were made with Garry’s Mod in mind, but I’ve been compiling them with the SFM tools and they work just fine in either. Pretty much everything that you could ever want to move is rigged for SFM or the joint tool, including the ironsights, sling loops, cleaning rods, even the hammers. Almost every single model has a plethora of bodygroups and skins, and the attachments such as the GP-25, optics, and bayonets are all bonemergeable with skins and bodygroups of their own.

You WILL need the bonemerge tool to be able to attach the optics, bayonets, and grenade launcher. It can be found here.


There are far too many pictures to fit in this one post alone, so below is a merely a brief look at what’s inside this pack.


Pictures of absolutely everything are included in the Imgur albums just below:

Classics (The ordinary AKs)
Oddities (The unusual AKs)
Exotics (The foreign AKs)
Extras (The accessories)


The original plan was to upload this to the workshop, but even after splitting it into four parts, it was still too big. Instead, I’ve uploaded a ‘taster’ pack with just one gun and some accessories for people to try out and get a feel for what the full pack is like. The full release is on MediaFire, and installation instructions are just below to help those who don’t know how to install things manually.

Taster Pack:
Steam Workshop

Full Release:
Installation Guide


For those of you wondering about the omission of certain variants from this pack, I had to draw a line as to what was and what wasn’t an AK variant. I do not consider the SVD to be an AK variant, and there are a number of different variants that I either didn’t feel were different enough to warrant adding an entire model for, or were too complicated to add. For example, the Egyptian Misr/Maadi would just look like an AKM, and the Polish Beryl would have required far too many new parts that I’d have to make, since there are no good models anywhere to borrow them from.

I do have plans to make additional Eastern Bloc weapon packs with the SVD, VZ.58, VAL/VSS and others, but after spending so long on this pack, I’m going to take a bit of a break from working on weapon models.

The bayonets, cleaning kits, and Yugoslavian rifle grenades were modeled by me, and are the primary reason this release has taken so long.

If you’d like to read my rambling about models, see pictures of future things I’m working on, and things I’ve scrapped or cancelled for whatever reason, please do check out my ["]Tumblr.](http://kaliaryanna.tumblr.com/)


This entire pack wouldn’t have been possible without a Fallout: New Vegas mod by Heffy, who generously gave me permission to do all this and to release it. If you like classic AR-15s, AKs, and Fallout, I’d recommend checking out his mod, which can be found here

A full credits list isn’t exactly possible, since I’ve been working on this for well over a year now and I’ve seriously lost track of who helped or what parts came from where. If you’ve helped out with this in any way shape or form, thank you very much. You know who you are.

Hopefully you all enjoy using this as much as I enjoyed making it.


Nice work Floater

a year of progress always makes for a real good treat when it comes round. looks pretty damn good, floater, good work.

This is really great… thank you for your work, друг

Fanciest AK pack that was ever made.
Fantastic job, mate.

Been waiting for this for so long. Glad to see it here and all the hard work you put into it have payed off!

This is fucking amazing mate. Have all my cookies.


Guess I need to reinstall SFM quicker now, good stuff.

Сука блядь. Охуенно! You best, man!

I think you’ve earned this

good shit


This is some great stuff kali. Keep up the great work!

What’s the problem?

That’s how the AN-94 magazine works.

That looks weird.

We can all thank Mr. Nikonov for making an over designed AK variant with a two hour field strip time

The AN-94 that is?

He’s talking about the AN-94, yes. It’s ridiculously complicated and involves pulleys and wires inside as part of the balanced recoil system. That’s why the mag’s canted, too, since they had to make room for all that.

The AN-94 as a whole is pretty weird.