Kali's fun-tastic release thread V.1

I’ve got far too much stuff that i’ve either shelved with the intention of finishing later as part of a bigger pack, or just forgot to actually release. I figured i may as well release a bunch of stuff as some of it has literally been done for over a year and i’ve just not gotten around to releasing them.

Releases are listed in very rough order of age with the most recent things first and the oldest at the bottom.

Call of Duty: World at War - USMC Amtracs

The tracked landing vehicles used by the USMC in World At War. Ragdolled guns, tracks, and bodygroups for most of the hatches.


Also includes destroyed versions of all vehicles and versions of the LVT-2 and 4 with no guns.


Fallout 3 - VB-02 Vertibird and Chimera tank

The Vertibird from Fallout 3 and New Vegas and the Chimera from Operation Anchorage, ragdolled with plenty of bodygroups and skins.

VB-02 Vertibird with skins from FO3 and New Vegas
Vertibird Interior
Chimera tank


Black Mesa: Source M1A1 Abrams and Jeep Cherokee

The Black Mesa Jeep and the HECU’s Abrams. Ragdolled with lots of skins and bodygroups for the Jeep, as well as a destroyed skin for the Abrams.

Jeep Cherokee
M1A1 Abrams


Mass Effect 3, Citadel DLC: Cat6 Mercenaries

The Cat6 Guys from the last ME3 DLC. Lots of bodygroups for the pouches and pads and such.

Cat6 Specialist
Cat6 Sniper
Cat6 Heavy 
Heavy's omni-shield


Mass Effect 3, Atlas Mech

Atlas Mech with Cerberus, Cat6, and Leviathan skins. Bodygroups for the panels and for the windshield.

Atlas Mech
Also includes a version with claws for both hands


Mass Effect 3, Turian Defences

Defences, cliffs, and rocks from the mission set at the Turian moon base. Some props are ragdolled and some have bodygroups.

12 Wall Pieces
8 Bunker parts
15 assorted related props including wires, lights, and cargo netting.
28 landscape pieces such as cliffs and rocks.


Credits go to the authors of the games these originally came from, to myself, and to anyone who helped me with these at any point.

As usual, if anyone finds any bugs let me know and i’ll do my best to fix them.

The best

Kali you make the best vehicles!


A+ release

Sweet, a lot of cool useful things, very nice kali.

Awesome release!

Awesome, great work! :smiley:

Could you upload the Cat6 somewhere else? Mediafire doesn’t work for me. Those damned captchas just won’t let me through

I have to pick up my jaw.

Scenebuild stuff from Mass Effect, finally!

It’s tasty. Nice releases.

Oh my goodness, excellent releases! :slight_smile:

Wonderful work, Kali! I always look forward to your vehicles, because they are always awesome! Good job!

At last. I commend your attention to detail and dedication to quality.

This collection of models is on that tear-inducing end of the beauty scale for me. Thank you so much for this well-made gift to us.

AWESOME!!! Somebody that ports not “only” char nr. 1 million +1
Really great!

Awesome! Thank you!

Good stuff, mate.

Wonderous, I’ve been looking for some scenery to use in my renders, and this works beautifully.

Very useful