Kali's Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes - Weapons

The first of a bunch of shit I’m going to release this month. The Ground Zeroes jeep that I’ve shown will be a separate release at a later date.

This pack includes all of the guns from Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, Fully bodygrouped and rigged for the joint tool/SFM. All of them have separate magazine props and individual bullet props too because why not. All of the models include bodygroups to manipulate parts like the trigger/bolt/charging handle, and most of them have bodygroups to change the appearance such as barrel length/stock/scopes/flashlights. Pretty much everything you could want to change or move is bodygrouped, rigged, or both. The guns with wooden bits also have skins to change the wood to polymer.


Way more information is available on the Workshop as well as a ton more pictures and a full list of contents.

**Download Links:
Steam Workshop

**Credits: **
Kojima Productions - Original meshes and textures, making Ground Zeroes and MGSV.
Ninja Nub - Getting me the textures because I couldn’t figure out how to get them myself.
FloaterTWO/Kali - Porting, rigging, bodygrouping, doing the textures, etcetera.

This is a spectacular release!

fuck yisss

Another fantastic release!

woot, obliviously better than mine

nice work kali, i love the small details.

Superb release!



only the best from you

Awesome release!

Excelent all Kali

Nice. Been waiting for a couple of good quality rocket launchers.

Quality release as usual Kali

Oh very cool! :slight_smile:

Excellent release. I have been looking forward to using these.

You’re probably the only person I’d say does weapons better than me. Amazing.

Good stuff Kali!

Nothing but the best from Kali, as always!

I forgot to include a texture, so if you downloaded from MediaFire then you may want to re-dowload as I’ve added that now.