Kali's SPOOKY HALLOWEEN Armor release thread

I’m really not good at thread titles. But hopefully the rest of the thread will make up for that!

More pictures and information for every release is available on the workshop. Everything’s been thoroughly tested, though if any bugs or issues are present let me know and I’ll see what I can do to fix them. I’ve made this thread twice now and been fucked over by CloudFlare before, so I’ll bet something’s missing or broken.

Skaarj & Kali’s M1A1 Abrams pack

The CoD4/MW2/MW3 M1A1 Abrams. Originally ported by Skaarj, he allowed me to use his M1A1 as a base for an improved M1A1 and as a base for the bridgelayer and wrecked versions.

Fully ragdolled with an interior, lots of bodygroups, 8 skins, and a bunch of props to go with it. Comes with the default M1A1, wrecked M1A1, the bridgelayer both with and without the bridge, and the bridge as a separate ragdoll. Includes a static version to allow for easier posing inside, and has lots things rigged for use with the Joint Tool.


Download links:
Steam Workshop

MW3 Leopard 2A7

The Leopard 2A7 from MW3. Fully ragdolled with bodygroups, a wrecked version, and 4 different skins both with and without the Bundeswehr logo. Fully rigged for use with the Joint Tool.


Download links:
Steam Workshop

Ratel IFV pack

A pack of South African Ratels from Steel Armor: Blaze Of War. Includes three variants, each with different turrets, as well as versions of each vehicle without the machine guns. All vehicles are fully ragdolled with bodygroups and Joint Tool compatability.


Download links:
Steam Workshop

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Eland 90 and Buffel pack

A south African Eland 90 armored car and a Buffel MRAP from Black Ops 2. Fully ragdolled with bodygroups and wrecked versions. The Eland 90 and the wrecked Buffel have skins, and there are versions of the Buffel without the machine gun. Everything is fully rigged for use with the Joint Tool.


Download links:
Steam Workshop

MW2 Snowmobile

Neither appropriate for the season or fitting with the whole ‘armored’ theme, I’m adding this because Skaarj asked me to. Fully ragdolled skis, handlebars and tracks. Has some bodygroups, three skins, and fully rigged controls and dials for use with the Joint Tool.


Download links:
Steam Workshop


US & Soviet tank crew helmets

Released last year at christmas, but now it’s on the workshop. Hooray! Contains an American CVC (Combat Vehicle Crewman) helmet and a Warsaw Pact/Soviet style helmet. The CVC has a rigged and bodygrouped chinstrap and microphone, and the Soviet style helmet has bodygrouped goggles. Both models have three skins.


Download links:
Steam Workshop

M1A1, AVLB, and Leopard 2A7 .psd files

.psd files to help make skinning the M1A1 variants and the Leopard slightly easier. DISCLAIMER: MAY NOT ACTUALLY WORK BECAUSE I SUCK AT WRITING TUTORIALS AND STUFF.

Download link:

That’s all for now.

´So spooky I shat myself. Great work as always.

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A special thank you for the South African stuff.

Spooky, scary, sexy as hell.
Outstanding work! :smile:

Great job, love it!!

i’m scared to download it :s

Excellent releases, well done!

You sir, have made my day! Awesome releases!

Now this is a good way to start a week! Awesome!

Thanks for including the .psd files, makes an amazing pack even better.

Bloody brilliant work again mate!

Awesome release, glad to see that both the snowmobile and Abrams got released!

Literally the best thing I’ve seen in a while. Amazing work!

I don’t know why but I find it amusing how good Call of Duty models actually tend to look in Source.

nice job thanks man :smiley:


Amazing job m8

Needs more spook3! XD

In all seriousness, this is bloodeh epic!

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