Kallen Kozuki from Code Geass

I know this is a little much to ask for since there is no Code Geass games currently out that use 3D models, and only use 2D sprites. But if anybody could make Kallen Kozuki, I would be greatly appreciative.

Heres some Art Sources for anybody who wants to work on Kallen.

The reason I chose this set is because of the amount of variety. Because technically 3 different Kallens could be made, but I’m fine with only one.

Bleh, I can understand why nobody would want to make Kallen. Its because shes an Anime character, Its like asking for anime models is Frowned upon and makes people complain with the same excuse “Anime models don’t look good in source”.

I hope you understand that you gave us a 160px × 154px picture. And she has the proportions of a noodle.

Yeah, I was going to fix the picture… As for the proportions, thats just how CLAMP draws their characters.




Uhm. Anyways…

Would be an interesting model.

Boobies…thud (passed out from boobage)

Because usually many of the models set up in the download site and some of the screenshots featuring those Anime characters don’t look well in 3D maps like the ones at Gmod. The long anime-hair is frozen in place, and if they were part of the ragdoll, the whole thing would be having a seizure and it would be a pain to pose each individual ‘spike’ of hair.

If you could coax Ryu-Gi or have a good ability to probably make great shots with GIMP you could POSSIBLY make a good screen featuring an anime character. Sadly, I’ve yet to see that, and I would guess that many people here would think you hailed from 4chan or Deviantart.

Jigglebones would fix the hair problem for an animated model (e.g. playermodel, NPC) but not for posing a ragdoll.

However, if you have ever actually watched the show (damn brother), her hair doesn’t move much. It’s really short. Solid, non-boned hair would be OK on this model, because that’s more or less what she already has anyways.

Heres the full size of the concept art I posted earlier.

Also, this request is for a normal ragdoll with fingerposing, I don’t expect to see faceposing due to the nature of Kallens face.

Code Gay-Ass.

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Wow, that was totally necessary.

Ignore him. He’s just the local troll. And he really hates anime.

Yeah, I’ve known to ignore trolls. But sometimes I forget.

Ever heard of the online game “PangYa”? At one time, there was a Geass event in the Japan division that offered purchasable Geass related costumes for a few of the characters. For the character “Arin”, there was a Kallen costume. I have the game files if anyone wants them, but to make them workable to port to Source, it would require shrinking the model to a smaller size (it’s about 1,000 times bigger than a normal human in a Source game), and merging all the meshes together (the head, hair, hands, and body are all separate parts). I’ll get the pictures of the model up…

Jeez, Didn’t know there were any 3D models of Kallen out there. It actually looks a lot like her in a somewhat super-deformed way. Awesome, that will work.

Oh this won’t end well…

If you can get the models, all you need is someone to rig it, and you’re set.

Once someone offers to take up the task of making a ragdoll of this, I will transfer the game files to them, as I do not have the abilities to make it myself.

So, do you have anymore of those files with other Geass Characters like Lelouch or C.C.?

In the PangYa x Geass event, the emo transvestite character (lol) got the Lelouch costumes, and the game’s teen pop idol whore character had the C.C. costume. I can get pictures of the character models if you want.