Kamehameha in gear

Hi guys im gonna be making a kamehameha swep but this is my first time making sweps but i have a few problems:

1: i need a model and animation for the swep and i cant either animate or model so ill be using the swep model for the black magic swep

2: i need someone to talk to the maker of the dr octoganopus swep for his permission to turn his dr octoganopus swep into the kamehameha as i will be changing the sounds and the model so can you please ask him about that?

thank you and if you have any problems in me making it then talk to me on this thread

First of all, The “Dr. Octoganopus” swep is a cheap ripoff of TetaBonita’s Strider Cannon just with changed sounds. Go ask Teta for a permission to use his gun.

oh. . . thx for the info ill ask him


say where is he? xD cus i cant find him on steam and i just tried search but it came up with threads lol


oh wait nvm i pm’d him but thx for telling me

ok ive ran into a few problems i cant use the v_hands.mdl cus it then shows not shot from the gun

i need to find a way to extend the beam when it comes from the hands

i still need an animator and a modeler

and i need to find a way to delay the strider cannon shot and turn the weapon into an addon