Kamehameha SWEP

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of Dragon Ball Z (enough too make the head of a normal person explode). And I think it would be cool if there were some DBZ SWEPs. So would anybody here like to take a crack at making a
kamehameha SWEP?

Dragon ball source? It’s a HL2 mod!

Half-Life:Source mod…

No… It’s a HL2 mod

A Half-Life 2 Multiplayer Mod based on the anime Dragonball Z

i was hoping someone would say about a kamehameha swep

And we say about a free game with all DBZ things! Kamehameha and more!

but i want one i can use in gmod

Would a combine ball launcher with custom sounds and hands as the view model suffice?

Not that I can do that, just saying…

This is what i want the weapon to do a beam to come out of the players hands

So… somewhat like the Ion Cannon thing from the Iron Man SWep?

well abit like it but a beam comes from the hand then a few secounds later it hits the person

between 1:28 to 1:39 is weapon that i want to be made please its called kahameha

can anyone make this?

Ideally it would be a sprite or model beam with a beamhead and a fiery starting point (most likely a model) And would be sustained based on ammo that auto regenerates. The longer you charge it and the longer you fire it for, the more damage it does. It would have a large splash damage when it finally explodes against something (or explodes in midair with right click. And generally it will be solid and push objects like ragdolls or npcs, damaging npcs by contact until either the beam runs out of steam or the npc dies. Will always explode against brushes.

Let’s see, use the laser gun from SMOD that somebody made for gmod, take the regen code and ammo and stuff from that, then take a model for hands and use that instead of a gun.

Should be simple enough. I suppose I’ll bother doing it.

It won’t look exactly the same, but somebody else should be able to finish that.

**EDIT:**The beam doesn’t appear but it does essentially the same thing. It also spams your console with crap I’m too lazy to fix.


If anybody wants to fix it, go right ahead.

Excellent. Now we need some Dragon Ball and Senzu Bean entities.

aw thanks guys your help is really appreciated

Not a problem.

i hope someone can make a unbuggy version then they will be lua king

i can supply the sound for the Kamehameha swep if you want to know where i got it from a mod EDIT:the mod is half life mod earth special forces Edit: i thnk they upgraded it to half life 2 mod now il check Edit: heres the vid http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=3Mhgf8HHkDc

i have got 2 sounds from dbz of the kamehame
but ok