Kamehameha SWEP

Could somebody make this? It would be fucking awesome, especially if it played a sound before it. If it had a view/world model, that’d be even better.

If you don’t know what a Kamehameha is, this is what it is.

Basically the user charges up their blast like this…


Then they release it in a huge blast like this…

If this was made, the blast could just be a big particle effect that vaporizes anything in it’s path. It should kill players, and maybe vaporize props.

If someone made this, it’d be amazing. If they do, thanks.

World model would be tricky, that would be more of an animation than a model.

particle effect

well, what im thinking of is, MAYBE we can enlarge the physgun beam and make it come out of your hands and make it do damage…just throwing ideas out there :slight_smile: