I know, sounds a bit difficult.

Basicly this would be a SWEP that uses Goku’s soundclip and hands dissappear from the screen. Then when the clip goes to HA the hands go to the right formation as shown in the anime, and a beam emits from it. I think it should be a shitload of airboat bullets or a whole new entity w/ever.

Then it goes as far as possible unti it faces an object, such as a wall or frozen object. It vaporizes props and explodes when it hits the map.

Requires animation, but i think it should be possible when i looked at suicide SWEPs. They have custom animations, right?.

The beam must be the most difficult one i think. Anyways, this should be pretty awesome for machinimas and MAYBE rp.
And i really. I mean really. Want. This. SWEP.


Bump. Again.


I actually like the idea, since DBZ is awesome. I could lua it if someone could model the hands