Kamen Rider: Climax Heroes - W

i was wondering if you get me the Models from this
game and the textures on it as well of course.

(i’m not aware whether or not Wii games have the Model and Texture in one file or not.)

and my next request would be only to extract the characters featured on the cover.
if there is by any chance other Enemies within that game.
don’t bother with them, only get the one’s from the cover.

Thank you , Sincerely ~ SweetVanilla

(also, if it’s possible, before giving the models, could you post results of what you have gathered from the Game.)

I support this. I always wanted Kamen Rider models in Gmod.

Oh and before anyone says things like “We frown on anime here”, Kamen Rider is Tokusatsu, not anime.

Sigh to be a bit more clear, Kamen Rider is live action, not anime.

Imagine if they could Be NPC’s having a Rider War when their all Spawned at once XD

that would be real cool. And yeah i support this.

so since people support it?
what becomes of it now? XD
i’m not quite used to this.
and i did read the rules.

I should try asking someone who has Dolphin (a Wii emulator) to have a go.


I’ve spoken to RTB in Steam Chat and he says:

Yeah, the models are in the common Wii format after all, and therefore can be ripped easily. Though they do have several hand models, like the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom models do.

If there are any characters that you guys want to port in particular, lemme know their names. I don’t really know too much about the series, and it’s been forever since I’ve actually seen an episode.

well before i can actually tell you which one’s i wanted.
i need know which one’s there are.
in case i name one that’s not even there XD

but i’d suggest the Kamen Riders Only.
since that’s what people would mainly want.
just don’t rip the Monsters.
Unless people want the Monsters.

There’s a list of 'em on Wikipedia, including the alternate forms they may have.

This would be awesome

i’d like kamen rider decade and double please. if you can do it, i need the rest of the rider. Thanks ^^

I would just like any and all Kamen Riders you can get if they could be in a obj or 3ds kind of format I could rig them but if you are also rigging I can wait. If I rig I would be done in a couple of days, I work fast.

i really hope we can get these Models :smiley:
it’d be so great.
i’m looking forward to Kuuga and DiEnd
and Kamen Rider J … if he’s in it XD

how’s this coming along anyway?
any result to the different models for the hands lol

Yes! finally thank you I cant wait i’ve been dieing for someone to port these models for me I hope they come out well ^-^

So any luck on this Rider thing?
… i feel bad for being Impatient and it’s likely people will get angry at me …

Sorry, I’ve been busy with about a million other things. If anyone wants to help port them to GMod, all they have to do is make physics models for them. I can supply pre-rigged models in either FBX or DAE files of the characters, and their textures.

i feel bad, i feel like i rushed you :frowning:
but sadly i know nothing about models or anything.
or the textures.
I only know about making textures for walls in Source SDK lol

hows the working going on these or is it not happening?