Kamen Rider Models

Got a massive request for anyone that can do it.

I’d like to see any kamen rider models you guys can do.

Here are a few pics of kamen riders to try out.


There are many more, and I’ll put pics up later.

Also, can I get the belts done as seperate props?

I actually want these models in Gmod too. I was thinking about it for a while, because isn’t that a sweet thought to see one fight the Combine? At this present rate, most Kamen Rider models can be ripped from the PS2 Kamen Rider games, provided you import them and find a way to access the files.

Alternatively, they would have to be made from scratch, and that might make them look far from what you intended.

No offense, but they look like cracked-out Power Rangers…

Post your email here and he’ll send you the low-grade model:


Oh of course. I also forgot Kamen Rider was modelled for GTA San Andreas, and those models are very spot on. Problem is the belt is a texture.

Oh thats original…

Seriously, you have no idea how often we get this.

Watch the show before you make assumptions please…


Brokeded link…

No, only your English is “brokeded.”

It was a joke, and the link was broken when I clicked on it… >.>