Kamern's Stuff - Hooded Rebel Model etc

I’ll be posting a random collection of models that I’ve recently uncovered on my Harddrive. These are projects from a while ago, so don’t expect anything amazing.

Hooded/Paintball Masked Rebel (2009)
One of my first attempts at a complex headhack and skin. Have fun;

(No ingame screenshots it seems)



Download - http://filesmelt.com/dl/Jak.rar

Flashlight (2009)


(No download link for this one, will post when I find it)

Well that rebel model looks nice, will certainly fit a base for some good skins.

You have me interested, I’m a sucker for threads about misc stuff for some reason.

Looks pro. Might snatch that for later. >:3

Seems neat.

Very nice!

I like the rebel :v: