Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days models

Apparently someone already ported the models

But I don’t know how he did it and if it’s possible, can anyone please try this and port them to Gmod?

Maybe the SWAT or the entire Multiplayer robbers. Or better yet, the chinese civilians.


Is there a download link? I can’t find it.

Unfortunately no, but hopefully someone is gonna try and port them all fresh from K&L Dog Days straight to Source…

Is gta sa model ?

Yeah, but it’s not even released anyways, besides, when a model is optimized for GTA SA, it lacks of shaders, and bumpmaps, so this is why people should port them or rip them straight from Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days.

Also, KOHDYKTOP stated he used this http://blackninja2000.narod.ru/rus/directx_ripper.html

Why Kane and lynch ragdolls? I rember playing that game and it made me gag on how bad it was and it was coming from IO

Why the fuck not? The models look great, its not about the game yo.

Yeah they were detailed I see your point

Bump, anyone wanna try and rip em’?

i fully support this

What about chinese soldiers?



You should ask Taggart, he’s more into porting KnL models.