Kane and Lynch Security Guards

So. Finally releasing these. This is an early V1.5 version.

There’s some shit missing, mainly a new bodygroup or two, but now there’s added working eyelids and a cap prop, aswell as a new, better posing phymodel.

For your time, I’ve included a bonus, bodygrouped SIG P226. It was made by SoulSlayer, and textured by Thanez, and I bodygrouped it for some FBI Agents I was making.


EIDOS - Original Security Guard body/cap models/textures
Taggart - porting, rigging these fuckers, etc
DrDean - ragdolling the tie, providing normalmaps
-Rusty- - Facemaps
BlooCobalt - Enhanced Citizen phymodels and eyelid flexes
Valve - original Ellis arms/citizen faces and textures




DOWNLOAD - V1.5 - Dropbox
DOWNLOAD - garrysmod.org (COMING SOON)

Awesome, great to see this finally released. The p226 looks cool too.

Good job.

oh, I need to fix the phymodels too

will do so when I wake up

Holy fuck, is this what Dean always wanted?

Gonna be useful for me!

What I heard when I tried them ingame.

Looks great, I’ll be sure to download!



These are great! I have to ask, is it okay if I re-skin these? All original credits would be given of course.

What’s the map in the first image?

These models are great by the way. They look kinda fat, however.

very nice remember I saw them sometime ago, looks nice good release

Also, the p226’s look very awesome.

Did you give credit to the guy who made the pistols? because I saw them on FPSbanana before.

did you read the OP?

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Speaking of which, V1.5 is now out. Fixed phymodels, plus working eyelids and a prop for the cap.

Get it here.

Just a FYI

The P228 is made by SoulSlayer, and textured by Thanez.

ok, added credits and shit

Not mine :saddowns:


Oh now you do it, thanks :love:

I found vest texture from the file, but i can’t find vest bodygroup ingame. would you add vest too?

The vest appears in this pose:


I hope it comes in the next version.

The cap seems like one size too big! Noticably in the first screenshot.