Kane becomes a player in Jigsaw's game.


What the fuck is wrong with his coat?

That would be called a table.

I don’t see a table

That’s a bad color choice for the text and that wall of text is pretty horrid too.
If there’s an actual table in the picture and it’s important, don’t hide it with the character and then turn contrast and brightness to crap mode. The camera isn’t stationary, you’re allowed to move it.

The table has a curtain on it

Exactly why another angle would be more suitable.

i dont get

the fuck, why would he shoot someone if they’re all going to blow up anyways?

Because thats really obvious when the guys fatass is standing infront of it.

This isn’t very good, the wall of text looks horrid and the choice of angle is stupid.

Oh look lolz3 still can’t take criticism, big surprise

I know! I honestly don’t give a shit about ratings but is it a surprise that he rated everyone dumb who says it’s bad? Nope.

Grow the hell up lolz. If someone doesnt like your picture or says its dumb or whatever, dont rate them dumb straight away you fool.

Are you really surprised? He churns out shitty picture after shitty picture without learning from his fuckups, and the one time he makes something that’s actually good, he then never does anything like it ever again.

I also love how he goes through and rates everyone, but doesn’t actually say anything. It’s a shame, because it’s so much more fun when you can just taste those tears.

I think it’s interesting that he actually rated one of my posts “Informative” instead of “Dumb” though.

He rated it dumb, he just went back and changed it.