Kane & Lynch 2 demo rip?

Wondering if there is any way to get Kane & Lynch from the demo of Dog Days, Just a thought.

We already have a thread requesting that but this one has a bit more letters than the other one but still nothing could be told on what you want here.

I don’t think it can be that hard. Does it use the Unreal Engine?

It crashed when I use the ripper.

Kane & Lynch 1, 2 and the Hitman series all use the Glacier engine. Lucky for you, porting tools were made for the Glacier engine. Unlucky for you, however, me and a friend tried porting from the demo but the .OBJ files it exports can’t be opened and just crashes any 3D applications that load it and basically makes me wonder that it didn’t export it properly.

So if you’re really, really, really hopeful, maybe the creator who made the exporter will rise up from the dead and add compatibility for K&L2.

ripper worked fine for me when I ripped but when viewed in Max it looks fucking horrible