Kane & Lynch ports - Jumpsuit mercenaries + LAPD SWAT

Recently, I found tools that can extract models and textures from Kane & Lynch: Dead Men and, as that game has a shitload of awesome looking models, decided to port some stuff from it. I wanted to start with something simple, so I got the jumpsuit wearing The7’s mercenaries, which can be just used as bank robbers, and the LAPD SWAT.





Both models come with fully functioning eye posing and several bodygroups.


To get the different bodygroups, use this bodygroup changer:
Submodels 0 and 1 of group 1 on the jumpsuit guys switch between bag and no bag.
Submodels 0 - 3 of group 1 switch between different variations of the helmet or no helmet at all, submodels 0 or 1 of group 2 switch between gasmask and no gasmask on the SWAT.


IO Interactive - making the original models and textures
Me (simkas) - doing all the porting, rigging, eyeposing and all that shit


Bless you, good Sir. :smiley:

OH MY GOD! sweet can’t wait till you do the dynamic duo!

Edit: No! download is broken!

They’re next on my list.

I can’t download, .org gives me shit. Maybe mirror?.. Please?

same here.

Goddamn you, garrysmod.org. Alright I’ll go upload it to filefront or something.

download is broken! no!!!

read the thread bro.

Thanks, simkas.

but in other way, god! our dream has become true! kane and lynch models! :smiley:

And filefront doesn’t seem to work at all.
Here’s a sendspace link instead:

I hope garrysmod.org will stop being an ass soon.


thanks. :slight_smile:

I tried to reupload it to gmod.org and it seems to work fine now.

Someone! Reskin the jumpsuit mercs to look like the Squeaky Cleaning company! :crying:

Nice, I’ve been waiting for these

cmon make npcs

Brilliant job.

Awesome job as usual simkas!