Kane & Lynch

Kane and Lynch ragdolls, ported from the game “Kane & Lynch Dead Men”.

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This pack contains both Kane & Lynch in their 3 different suit variations - plain suits (no extra gear or anything), robbery suits (same suits, just with a bag on the back and a kevlar vest) and robbery suits with skimask (same as the last one just with a skimask). The bags, Kane’s nose bandage, Kane’s knife ring thingy and Lynch’s glasses are all removable using a bodygroup changer (http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=84666). Lynch also has a bodygroup of a gasmask in his robbery suit + skimask version.

I’ve also included some things from the models as separate props and those are - Kane’s knife ring thingy, Lynch’s glasses, a gasmask and the bag. This pack also contains the 2 weapons that these guys use the most in the game - Kane’s SIG 552 and Lynch’s Remington 870.

All of Kane’s and Lynch’s ragdolls also contain an alternative dirty skin of their suits.





(Everything you see in these pictures is in this pack.)


Enjoy or whatever.

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thank you



Saw this on garrysmod.org before the thread arrived.

They look good though.

…i’m so excited i cant even type how awesome this is. ( not sarcasm )

edit: enjoy or whatever? right now your a god to me.

Everything? Including the pig in the 2nd picture?

They’re from Lynch’s hallucinations by the way.


Bravo Release!

I love bodygroups and shit like that. Great port.

How long has it been? It’s got to have been at least two years since I saw the thread for this.

Either way, you got my download.

You sir have my download. Are you going to port their guerilla outfits by any chance?

I love this

I found Odessa and a dead pig on the second image !

Very nice models… or ports… whatever they are ( talking about K&L… duh )

Awesome release. Thanks for all your effort on these. I love the models from this game.

wish that somebody make this for player models…wish


Made players as Autodesk asked

you never disappoint jason :slight_smile:

I really wish you’d ask the author’s permission beforehand. I sometimes get pissed off when you make playermodels of my stuff just because you don’t ask, and the fact that you spit playermodels out pretty much daily.

Great pack, and thanks Jason

So, you asked Konami (thx, Cyclysm) if you can port their Silent Hill stuff?