Kane mourns for Zoey's life


this is the first time i actually edited my pictures. comments and suggestions would be appreciated!

Where’d that blood come from

The blood seems quite pasted on and rather bright.

the blood is from the splatter section of this site http://www.cgtextures.com/index.php

i also used GIMP

Am I the only one who can’t see the image?

Kane looks high as a kite…

“mourns for Zoey’s life”?

You mourn people’s deaths, not their lives. Is he sad that he didn’t properly kill her?

i guess i need to think more when i name my screenshots then :j:

If you mourn for the recently dead no one will suspect that you are the killer.

Well he doesn’t LOOK like he is mourning.

Kane looks like an asshole.

Other than that, work on posing a bit, practice at making wounds in GIMP/PS, and avoid using brushes to make the blood. If you DO rely on brushes, then be creative with them, this doesn’t look very good or real.

he looks like hes laughing that she died

Looks like he’s doing her.

Actually I meant the wound it came from but okay.


If that’s a bloody handprint, either Kane’s or Alyx’s hands should be bloody as shit.