Kanye West interrupt Taylor Swift Gmod Parody

Some of you might know about the little drama that went on this years MTV Music Awards.

Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift a few seconds after she got her price and tells Beyonce should have won.
I don’t have any opinion in that question but though i think it was really bad style of Kanye to just grab her mic and say that…
So i decided to make my first Garry’s Mod video on that :smiley:

I would like some feedback comments and i hope i can get up with more videos, when i get ideas.

Holy shit. That was really good.

That was genious.

This is on the wrong section but w/e mate.
Really good for your first video :slight_smile: I never saw that shit about Kanye on the VMWs, but I heard a lot about it.
I actually lol’ed a bit. :smiley:

Oh sorry if it was in the wrong section. i just saw “screenshots and Movies” and posted.
If someone can. you can please move this post then.

Not bad. Pretty funny.

Didn’t your mommy teach you to use media tags…

Nope she didn’t :stuck_out_tongue:
I just joined the forums this morning :stuck_out_tongue:


Tell me how to do, for future use ^^

[.media] your video url, [/media]

Thanks a lot. Can someone please delete this thread. i make one in the movies part instead :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s some country ass bullshit